Who is CLEAT Design + Build and what do they do?

CLEAT Design + Build (CLEAT) is a full-service design/build general contractor that
specializes in existing occupied-building upgrades. CLEAT actively coordinates and
manages multiple subcontractors to maximize the efficiency and quality of work while
minimizing the impact on residents. CLEAT has successfully completed similar work in 89
buildings in the DC area, with 88% of them being occupied.

What work is scheduled to be completed over the next four months?

CLEAT has been hired to replace the sealants on windows, doors, etc., on The
Sterling, as they are coming towards the end of their expected life. We have evaluated
the current conditions, reached out to professional subcontractors that we have
successfully partnered with for similar buildings in the past, and compiled a team to
offer the best value and expertise to your community. These upgrades will reduce
water infiltration issues to the building.

Will any of the work require workers to be in my home?

No. All the work will be accessed from the exterior of the building via swing stage
scaffolding that will go from the rooftop to the ground level.

What do I need to do to be ready for the work on my balcony?

All personal belongings (furniture, plants, etc.) will need to be removed from your
balcony. This will allow us to complete the repairs that were recommended in a timely

How long will the project take?

The work is broken down into “drops”, which refers to the swing stage that will move
vertically up and down the building to perform the work. Each drop will affect one tier
with a tier being a vertical stack of homes (Tier 3 is 203, 303, 403, etc.). One drop is
expected to take between 1-2 weeks, though it is dependent on weather. Management will be sending out notices to residents to inform you roughly 2-3 days prior to your drop beginning. All work is expected to be completed by then end of January 2022, weather permitting.

Is there a place where I can find the drop schedule and additional information on
the project?

Yes! You can visit our Resident Portal at RESIDENT PORTAL | Cleatdesignbuild
( or ( Click on The Sterling and
the password is "Sterling2021". This will provide the drop schedule and all notices.