What is Cleat Design + Build's scope of work at Americana?

Americana has contracted Cleat Design + Build to replace the HVAC Risers (pipes that carry hot and cold water to the individual air handlers in each home) in the Garden Style Homes. This work will begin January 4th, 2021. The project will help extend the useable life of the community infrastructure and decrease downtime due to maintenance and repairs. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.

How long will the HVAC system be off?

The entire riser replacement process takes approximately (6) working days, during which time your HVAC will be off. A temporary heater is available by request to Property Management.

I am told that asbestos is being removed. What precautions are taken and how do I know when it is safe?

Abatement professionals will install a plastic containment around your HVAC closet to remove the asbestos pipe insulation the first day of HVAC work in your home. Once they are complete, an Industrial Hygienist will take readings in the containment zone to ensure that the containment is safe to remove. Once the containment is removed, it is safe to enter the HVAC closet.

Do I have to vacate my home during the work?

Residents will will NOT need to vacate their units, but access to the affected areas may be limited during this time (which could affect areas adjacent to your HVAC closet).

How many people will be working in my home at one time?

Approximately 2-3 people will be working in the home each day for 1-4 hours with supervisors checking in throughout the process.

How far in advance of the work will I receive notice?

The Project Team will send out an initial notice approximately 2 weeks in advance of entry into your home. As we get closer to performing the work, a clarification notice will be sent out with more precise information.

Do I need to move my furniture?

Yes. The contractors will need a clear path to the work area and a clear HVAC closet. This will vary from unit to unit so we will include detailed color diagrams of your units with your Notices.

What should I do with my animals?

Please keep your animals in a secure location during the days that work is occurring.

I am a 1st floor home and I received a notice about piping being installed in my ceiling. How does this affect me?

In order to get the new main piping to your HVAC closet, the Cleat team will install piping either in your ceiling or as tight as possible to your ceiling and then repair the drywall or enclose it in drywall, if necessary. It will then be painted to match your existing ceiling as close as possible.

How soon will the work begin?

Work will begin in January 4th, 2021. A schedule is published on this website.